Thirty+ Years Leading Ceremony for People of All Faiths and None

There are many ways to do ceremony and as many purposes for ceremony and ritual as there are people.

Ceremony and Ritual Enriches Our Lives

I have been a Wiccan priestess since 1989. During that whole time I have created ceremony with and for others, mostly others who are not Wiccan. That’s just fine with me.   


Sophia Kelly writes professionally on a variety of topics, including Paganism and spirituality. She has been a Wiccan priestess for 30 years, and priestessed and facilitated ritual in a variety of sacred and secular contexts, so is a content expert. This genre is also called occult writing, new age writing, spirituality writing. Samples of work done for clients is here.

Rates for an article on a topic of your choice vary based on length and whether research is required.

If you are interested in licensing content from this site for your publication, that is also available.

Contact Sophia at herself@witchingwhole.com

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