Prosperity Magic – Part Two – Clearing Magic

Clearing Magic – In Brief

Clearing magic is one of the most straightforward pieces of prosperity magic. Basically, it work on the principle that giving away or getting rid of things you don’t need or want makes both physical and magical room for new and good things to flow in.

Types of Prosperity Magic

Most types of prosperity magic fall into a few main categories: cleansing, clearing, blessing, envisioning and creating focussing objects. They operate on the general magical principles of making oneself worthy to recieve good things, clearing out the unwanted to make space for the good to flow in, blessing what is already good so it will increase and inviting or summoning good things in. The following is the second in a series of posts about prosperity magic, beginning today with clearing magic.

Feeling Poor? Get rid of things.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to encourage good things to come into your life is to clear out the clutter of things you don’t need or want. Provide them a good home, recycle them, give them away and you clear space for the new to come in.  Go through your cupboard and compost expired food, use up things that have been sitting for awhile or give them to someone who will.

Some other examples

  • Gather and out your garbage, recycling and compost. Tell yourself you are clearing space for good to flow in
  • Get rid of clothing that doesn’t suit you
  • Get rid of items you have too many of, keeping the best item(s)
  • Weed through your books and donate the ones you won’t read again to the library or a bookstore. Or set them free using Bookcrossing and you can see what happens to them after they are roaming in the wild.
  • Give more precious things that you no longer want or need to friends or family

How does clearing magic work?

Clearing magic works on the principle of nature abhorring a vacuum. By clearing out things in your life that aren’t working for you, you make empty space. Empty space quickly invites more things in, as people who have cleared the table by their front door off will note.

What happens next?

The blank clear, clean space in your life, will pull in new prosperity in the forms of goods, services, well wishes, happy events, money and good weather.  Wait and watch!

Be clear about what you are making room for

Like that newly blank table by your front door, a space can invite in things you don’t want, so be clear on your intention. “I am clearing space for prosperity and good things.” is a good intention to use. When releasing, particularly on a waning moon, thinking of what you are symbolically clearing out and letting go is fine. On a waxing moon, it’s best to frame it as creating space to invite in prosperity.

Don’t limit the flow

Don’t get bogged down in specifics unless that is critical like:  “I am clearing space for rent money to flow in”.  In general, during and after clearing your space or life, any positive prosperity is to be encouraged, no matter how small or random it is. Find a penny on the sidewalk? The spell is working! A friend gives you a bouquet of flowers from their garden? The spell is working! Your paycheque is deposited, expectedly, into your account? Bring it on. Think of these little things as priming the pump for greater flow of good into your life.

Seeking Direction from the Directions

woman walking at St Paul's Labyrinth in Vancouver

I walk the Chartres style labyrinth in downtown Vancouver on the regular, have done for decades. Walking meditation can be a great way to meditate and pray and stay grounded in your body at the same time.  Worth trying out if you find yourself drifting otherwise.

I go and walk, in silence (at least I’m silent, sometimes people have noisy jewelry or footfalls or whatnot) connect with my body and with the gods.

This past week something different happened, which is saying a lot, since I’ve been doing this for 20+ years. Continue reading “Seeking Direction from the Directions”

Odin’s Ordeal – Part 2

It’s now 14+ months after I fell on my head in a Norse ritual dedicated  to the Norns and received a rune and a head injury.
In this time, in addition to mostly healing my head, I birthed a lesbian country band that has recorded and is performing professionally, a novel  that had been gestating for 10 years, am making real progress in learning piano and have written three new songs. I also claimed myself as a ‘real’ musician, which had begun at that ritual so long ago.

One complication that came from my head injury was a worsening in a condition of low blood pressure I hadn’t taken note of before. About a year ago, three months into my recovery, I ended up in the emergency with sudden and persistent dizziness and elevated heart rate, something that could have been a life threatening heart condition. I am so grateful to live in Canada where the system took charge and did all the tests at no cost to me. At length, and after much fear and worry, they determined I had a low blood pressure condition (low blood pressure isn’t always a good thing). I was diagnosed by about March, and by December of last year, I had mostly figured out how to manage it successfully. Continue reading “Odin’s Ordeal – Part 2”

Odin’s Ordeal

The Hanged Man tarot card, drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith
The Hanged Man tarot card, drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith

Odin is one of the Norse Gods, a warrior king who becomes a magician through ordeal and personal sacrifice. I didn’t know very much about him before last October, when I attended Hecate’s Sickle pagan festival in the U.S..

Odin is the Allfather, not the Somefather

Except, I knew enough to spout off on facebook that he would smite Soldiers of Odin, a white supremacist group using Norse imagery, who had started chapters in Vancouver, where I live. I said things like Odin is the Allfather not the Somefather, and that as a Norse person (I have Norwegian heritage) and a lifelong Pagan, I oppose and resent the usage of my mythology and gods to promote hatred.

Someone was listening. And it probably wasn’t the white supremacists. Continue reading “Odin’s Ordeal”

Safety for Women and Children in Pagan Settings

A few months ago, my local larger Pagan/Wiccan community had a #MeToo incident. A woman who I had seen and spoken to at events disclosed that she had been both abused and sexually harassed at events as a girl and young woman, by multiple men, over several years. She had grown up as a child in this particular community, and also participated as a young woman. I knew her as a gifted artisan and herbalist.

I believe her. I believe her not only because I know that women seldom lie about these things, but because I know the men in question. As an formidable adult gay woman, few of the men involved would mess with me, but I’d observed enough in their words and deeds to know that they were the kind who would harass an attractive young woman in this way. One elderly man, a fixture of a mixed party pagan festival I attended, openly bragged to me about tucking money into the bra of a young teenage girl, and on my first visit to this festival, cornered me and harangued me for almost an hour on the evils of feminist traditions of witchcraft. I only tolerated this because of, let’s face it, the female conditioning he was exploiting, and also because I was new and he appeared to be an organizer, something I later learned he was not.

Another of the men was outed to me as an abuser, years earlier, when I was told by multiple women that as the high priest of a coven, he would recruit young inexperienced women and and promote them to high priestess of the coven (which should be a role based in experience and skill) with an ‘initiation’ that required them to have sex with him. This man was later outed and ousted from the community for sexual misconduct worse than these practices.

As a gay non-drinker and non-drug user, I had little interest in the typcially heterocentric Pagan environments I characterize as “Party Pagan” – all costumes, mead, hallucinogens and wild dancing around the fire. Now don’t get me wrong – I love a good wild dance around the fire, but that’s not all I need. It is in one of these spaces where my aquaintance, a valued member of the community, who had drifted away for reasons that have recently become clear, came as a child into her neo-Pagan practice. It is here where she was repeatedly harassed and attacked by men who took the honouring of sacred sexuality and sacred ritual nudity as license to harass and hurt women.

It doesn’t have to be that way – Safe Pagan Spaces

My own Wiccan practice began as a young woman of 19. Like many maidens do in a tradition honouring women and sacred sexuality, I also received a lot of admiring attention. However, unlike my acquaintance, the Wiccan environments I came out in were built by and for women. I felt empowered to be at home in my body, to express my sexuality and power fully, to speak my mind, and to step forward into priestess roles.

Most of the events I attended had a small number of men, but they were generally partners of women who were also attending, or so outnumbered that they were both popular with the hetero ladies and on their best behaviour.  The theology at that time in these groups acknowledged male deities, but centred the Goddess in all things, and this kept the environment centred on women as well. The women were big, powerful and badass.

Men who embraced this theology were good humans and I met my male best friend that way.  I was used to Neo-Pagan men being solid, good-egg, helpful pro-feminst guys, and believed that Wiccan and Neo-Pagan men were mostly like that. I truly believed that no-one would dare insult the gods and risk their wrath by violating someone within sacred space. I experienced no unwanted or intrusive sexual attention from men or women. I remember attending only one sex-balanced Wiccan event during this time, and was amazed at all the men there. To their credit, many were the good eggs I’d expected. 

It was only in recent years that I’ve explored the broader Pagan community, and have come across spaces like the one my acquaintance was abused in. Coming from a good grounding in safe Pagan spaces, it took me awhile to realize that not all Wiccan and neo-Pagan spaces were as safe.

How to choose safer Neo-Pagan and Wiccan spaces

I’ve come to realize that neo-Pagan men are as likely to offend against women and children as men anywhere else, and so the standard need for self-protection and vigilance in protecting sacred spaces and communities from rape culture is needed. While not all Pagan men are predators, and many are pro-feminist allies, enough are toxic that women are as at risk in Neo-pagan environments as they would be in any other co-ed space.

If visiting Pagan environments as a young woman or in the care of children, I’d recommend choosing festivals and camps that are low substance or substance free (such as Reclaiming Tradition ones), or which are specifically focussed on either families with children or women’s mysteries or are women and Goddess centred with a smaller proportion of men. There are also gay male oriented festivals, some of which welcome all genders, that might also be a good fit. 


Prosperity Magic – Part One – Cleansing

I’m known among my friends to be ‘good with money’ and also to have ‘freakishly good luck’ with money and work. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do have a strong intuiton for what works in prosperity magic.

One of the best ways I know to review and deepen what I know about a topic is to teach it to others. In the process of preparing to teach a class on prosperity magic in May, I’m reviewing what I know, adding practices and themes from others, and trying them out.

Types of Prosperity Magic

Most types of prosperity magic fall into a few main categories: cleansing, clearing, blessing, envisioning and creating focussing objects. They operate on the general magical principles of making oneself worthy to recieve good things, clearing out the unwanted to make space for the good to flow in, blessing what is already good so it will increase and inviting or summoning good things in. The following is the first in a series of posts about prosperity magic, beginning today with cleansing magic. Continue reading “Prosperity Magic – Part One – Cleansing”

Better Paganism Through Composting and Tree Planting

Is environmentalism part of Paganism? Part of Wicca?

Many Pagans believe strongly that environmental conservation is a necessary part of their devotion to the Goddess. However, if you go to Pagan festivals where there are many traditions represented you’ll find that others do not.

I was going to write this all not-judgy, and neutral, analysing the difference based on whether people believe in the Gods as literal beings or abstract concepts, or whether you are a religious Pagan who integrates your spirituality into your everyday life, a ceremonial magician interested primarily in energy workings and magick or a celebratory or ‘mead and cape’ Pagan. This is true, but in my opinion, not very interesting. Continue reading “Better Paganism Through Composting and Tree Planting”

Spring Mysteries Festival Review

Spring Mysteries Festival Poster 2018
Spring Mysteries Festival Poster 2018

Note: see end of post for recent update to this review.

I have attended the Spring Mysteries Festival, hosted by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, many times. It’s really refreshing to be at a large complex multi-day ritual, that is so devotedly and competently done.

Some festivals are the land of the Party Pagan, whose main interest in festivals are in costumes and mead (1). While there are definitely attendees who fit this mold, this is a festival that isn’t shaped for that purpose, something that is a relief to me. Sometimes it feels like the more religious Pagans are few and hard to find. Based in this experience, the sincere dedication to ritual that deeply engages the gods and the participant, clearly and well executed in this festival is a joy. Continue reading “Spring Mysteries Festival Review”