Prosperity Magic – Part One – Cleansing

I’m known among my friends to be ‘good with money’ and also to have ‘freakishly good luck’ with money and work. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do have a strong intuiton for what works in prosperity magic.

One of the best ways I know to review and deepen what I know about a topic is to teach it to others. In the process of preparing to teach a class on prosperity magic in May, I’m reviewing what I know, adding practices and themes from others, and trying them out.

Types of Prosperity Magic

Most types of prosperity magic fall into a few main categories: cleansing, clearing, blessing, envisioning and creating focussing objects. They operate on the general magical principles of affirming one’s worthiness to recieve good things, clearing out the unwanted to make space for the good to flow in, blessing what is already good so it will increase and inviting or summoning good things in. The following is the first in a series of posts about prosperity magic, beginning today with cleansing magic.


Cleansing as used in prosperity magic is a practice of purifying and cleaning to reaffirm one’s worthiness to accept good things. There are a wealth of cleansing practices. Many are physical and some are based in changing thoughts.

Cleansing prosperity magic can take the form of:

  • Ritual bathing with salt (one of the world’s first currencies) or prosperity herbs or essential oils such as basil, mint, or orange.
  • Affirmations
  • Sweeping a space with a broom in a counter-clockwise (widdershins) direction
  • Bathing significant objects in sunlight, salt, seawater or sacred water
  • Burying significant objects in soil to allow negative energy to ‘ground’ out of them
  • Washing a space, items, yourself or others in a conventional way, with the intention to cleanse them energeticallly as well as physically.

I love how common cleaning tasks, such as mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom, weeding or pruning the garden or tidying inside or out, can be made more meaningful by being transformed into magical cleansing. We do this by doing the work mindfully, with the intention of cleansing. Sometimes I will put on ritual music while working, or say a mantra in my head such as “I am cleaning to make ready for good to come in.”

Cleansing Prosperity Magic – Ritual bathing in practice

A few days ago, I ran a ritual bath. I tidied the bathroom, brought in fresh clean towels, and added salt and bergamot essential oil to the bath, along with some rose for self-love and chamomile for calm. I cast a circle, Wiccan style, and entered the bath with the intention of cleansing myself and making myself ready for good things to happen. I scrubbed my body with handfulls of salt, and then did some personal work, witnessed by the Gods in sacred space about releasing a significant experience that had left me feeling unworthy. The result was feeling both physically and spiritually cleansed. Then I undid the stopper of the bath and let the bath water run out with everything I was releasing into it, and sat in the receding water until the tub emptied, before devoking the circle.

Ritual Bath

Baths created specifically for sacred bathing are found in ancient temples such as this one in Qumran in Palestine. The practice is still very common. (Click on the photo for photo source and credit)


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