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Prosperity Magic – Part Two – Clearing Magic

Clearing Magic – In Brief

Clearing magic is one of the most straightforward pieces of prosperity magic. Basically, it work on the principle that giving away or getting rid of things you don’t need or want makes both physical and magical room for new and good things to flow in.

Types of Prosperity Magic

Most types of prosperity magic fall into a few main categories: cleansing, clearing, blessing, envisioning and creating focussing objects. They operate on the general magical principles of making oneself worthy to recieve good things, clearing out the unwanted to make space for the good to flow in, blessing what is already good so it will increase and inviting or summoning good things in. The following is the second in a series of posts about prosperity magic, beginning today with clearing magic.

Feeling Poor? Get rid of things.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to encourage good things to come into your life is to clear out the clutter of things you don’t need or want. Provide them a good home, recycle them, give them away and you clear space for the new to come in.  Go through your cupboard and compost expired food, use up things that have been sitting for awhile or give them to someone who will.

Some other examples

  • Gather and out your garbage, recycling and compost. Tell yourself you are clearing space for good to flow in
  • Get rid of clothing that doesn’t suit you
  • Get rid of items you have too many of, keeping the best item(s)
  • Weed through your books and donate the ones you won’t read again to the library or a bookstore. Or set them free using Bookcrossing and you can see what happens to them after they are roaming in the wild.
  • Give more precious things that you no longer want or need to friends or family

How does clearing magic work?

Clearing magic works on the principle of nature abhorring a vacuum. By clearing out things in your life that aren’t working for you, you make empty space. Empty space quickly invites more things in, as people who have cleared the table by their front door off will note.

What happens next?

The blank clear, clean space in your life, will pull in new prosperity in the forms of goods, services, well wishes, happy events, money and good weather.  Wait and watch!

Be clear about what you are making room for

Like that newly blank table by your front door, a space can invite in things you don’t want, so be clear on your intention. “I am clearing space for prosperity and good things.” is a good intention to use. When releasing, particularly on a waning moon, thinking of what you are symbolically clearing out and letting go is fine. On a waxing moon, it’s best to frame it as creating space to invite in prosperity.

Don’t limit the flow

Don’t get bogged down in specifics unless that is critical like:  “I am clearing space for rent money to flow in”.  In general, during and after clearing your space or life, any positive prosperity is to be encouraged, no matter how small or random it is. Find a penny on the sidewalk? The spell is working! A friend gives you a bouquet of flowers from their garden? The spell is working! Your paycheque is deposited, expectedly, into your account? Bring it on. Think of these little things as priming the pump for greater flow of good into your life.

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