Turning Over Our Troubles in a Pandemic

The Salt Water Surrender Spell

When times are hard, when I have problems that seem unsolvable, I pull out a spell I created in my twenties that always helps.  At the time a situation at my work felt like big blocks of granite on my shoulders. So I thought, what is a rock, but dissolves?


It is my belief and experience that sometimes it is only by surrendering a problem that we can begin to solve it.  I also believe that sometimes the gods want us to learn something from our experiences, and that without that knowledge, we may continue to encounter the same problem again and again. This spell is my prayer that I learn what lesson there is to learn in the most gentle way possible, because I am open to it, because I accept the solution I do not yet see, divinely given.

I have done this spell over the past twenty some years as a priestess with many people, Pagan and non-Pagan alike. I experience it as very helpful, and I know others do too.

I’ve made a video demonstrating how to do the spell in the simplest form, without chanting or overt prayer, although of course you can do this, to make it most accessible to most people. I hope it is as helpful to you as it has been to me.

Blessed be.

(If you’d rather read than watch, the instructions are below.)

Here are the basics:

  1. Fill a nice bowl with water
  2. Take some salt into your hands, recognize that salt is a rock and send whatever insurmountable problem you have into the salt.
  3. Put the salt into the water. Notice that it is out of your hands now, and you can’t get it back, the water holds it.
  4. The next day, take a sip of the water and accept the ‘solution’ along with it. Release the rest down the drain or into the ocean.

You can repeat this spell as many times as necessary, or use it to clear any worries from the day before bed.

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