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Everything is working out in the best possible way

Many years ago I read a book called “The Fifth Sacred Thing” by Starhawk, a Wiccan priestess and author, and cofounder of the Reclaiming Tradition, a progressive tradition of Wicca. In her book, which was a dystopian / utopian novel, one of the characters talks about the concept of The Good Reality – La Huerba Buena.

The Good Reality, as I understand it, as I experience it, is that felt sense of the best way a situation can possibly work out. When you don’t know how something will turn out, what will happen, you have a magical potential, the possiblity, sometimes an equally or more likely possiblity than what comes automatically to mind, that everything will work out as well as can be. The Good Reality is what happens when timing and luck all flow perfectly and what can go well, does.

There is a magic to exploring the path to the Good Reality.

Last night I did a spell with a good friend. He is a practitioner, but not Wiccan and from an entirely different tradition of magic / paganism. I offered to help him perform a spell to assist him in a career change and he took me up on it. Since spells are not his bailiwick, I was going to guide him, but since our traditions are different, I consulted my intuition about what would fit best. I have done spells with and for people of many faiths and none, and each time, I do the same thing, consult my repertoire of magical tools and styles, and feel my way into what will fit. There is no need to be attached to doing it a certain way, the right way is the one that fits the person creating magic.

In this case, I knew that my friend did not do things like calling directions and chanting. So I asked if he had any allies that supported his work, and he identified one, a god of new beginnings and change. Perfect.

I chose a simple yet profoundly powerful tool, writing down in present tense, how everything is in the future, when it is working out perfectly – how one feels, how easy things were, what goals were met, what things fell into place and how it feels now, how it is now, in the future.

I often start these writings “In the good reality…” and then say how things go. I will find my writing a year later, and note that it has all come true as written, or better.

My friend took to it like a duck to water, as he is a natural with magic. He wrote down his career change working out in the best possible way. I sat and did my own writing at the table with him. We had soft piano music playing. I knew it had worked because of how it felt in the room – soft, like warm sunshine and satisfaction, clean, like the smell of a baby’s head, like your body, relaxed, after a good stretch, like the air on a warm day after rain. We both felt it, and knew what he’d written would happen. He read it aloud to me.

He’s going to be great at his new job. The Good Reality is happening.

Now, I’m not saying that the Good Reality is the tool we need in the Apocalyptic times we are in. But of course it is. Covid 19 might bring about the conditions necessary to have Universal Basic Income in Canada. The fires in the US along with the need to rebuild after covid might bring about the conditions that allow for transformation to transform our relationship with carbon and stop climate change. We need to envision, believe possible, the best possible outcomes, as it will put our brains, imagination and creativity on the path to the Good Reality. Wouldn’t you rather go there?


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