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New Year Witchy Envisioning How-To for 2021

As a Sagitarius (or just who I am), I’m basically always envisioning, analyzing and planning. However, this time of year, from December through mid January, is also the main time when I set my intentions for what I want to happen in my life. Setting intention is like setting the angle of your sail into the wind. You might not be able to control which way the wind is blowing, but mindfully setting your sail at the right angle will help ensure you will go in the direction you intend and more reliably to where you want to go.

The most effective and simplest way I know to set sail into your new ideal life is to write it down as if it has already happened. Now is the perfect time to do this. I often find these writings months or years later and find that they have come to pass.

However, there are some places people get stuck with this kind of envisioning magic, so I wanted to give you some tips to make this technique, which works really well for me, work as well for you.

Tips for Casting Envisioning the Future Spells

Keep it positive

Magic likes a clear path from emotional touchstone to emotional touchtone. A negative touchstone could pull you in that direction, even if you are saying no to it. It’s a much clearer path to declare – “I have  great job where I am appreciated, do interesting work and enjoy my coworkers and boss” than it is “I don’t have any nasty backstabbing coworkers”, because the emotionally magnetic pull of the ‘nasty backstabbing’ part of that is not going to be able to compete with the rather weaker “don’t” part of that sentence very effectively. It has a much stronger pull.

Keep it believable

“I win the lottery tomorrow for six and a half million dollars” is remotely possible. “I recieve enough money to do what I want and need to do” is much more so and arguably will make you just as happy, without forcing the magic to do any unnecessary heavy lifting. Put your magical charge toward where it will do the most good. This is tricky, because we want to be positive and optimistic, but going with the ‘right’ goal will make best use of the magic you can wield. If you have a million people praying for your specific goal, you might be able to go bigger, but with your own personal magics, keep it in scope.

Put your emotions behind it

Emotion is energy and it engages with the magical parts of your being. Casting for something you sincerely and without reservation want deeply and believe you deserve is going to be the most effective use of your power.

Make it no more specific than needed

Again for efficient casting of spells, specificity costs energy. It’s important to be specific about what you really intend, so that there is a concrete, emotionally relevant, clear goal to achieve. Adding in details of lesser importance will muddy those waters and dilute your power. One thing 2020 (and perhaps 2021 already) has taught us, is that anything can happen. We are in a magically liminal time where many things can change. The winds change so frequently that having a clear and steady goal will help keep you from being blown off course into something you only wanted a little.

Focus on what is important and let the rest go

As above, being too specific slows things down at best and can block something that would otherwise be wanted at worst. If it’s not critical that your new to you car be blue, or the love of your life have brown hair, then let that go.

Getting started

I’m about to do this magic for myself. Like many of us, I’m in a transitional time for work, relationships, living situation and health. It’s a fantastic time to set intentions and get clear. It’s also a really hard time to center on what is truly important, with all of the day to day concerns. I’m going to prepare by grounding, connecting with my body, connecting with my gods, and breathing until I feel things still. Then I will light a candle and write out my happiest ending to everything that concerns me to guide my boat home to it.  I’ll let you know how that goes….

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