Moon / Lunar Spell Crafting

Want to plan a spell to be supported by the moon phase? This page will show you the moon information for the upcoming month, so you can use it for planning your spells whenever you like. See the curent moon phase and when the next new moon, full moon, waxing moon or waning moon is. Bookmark this page if you want to come back to plan rituals and spells. For more information open the table of contents above to click on what interests you or scroll down.

A note about the moon phase calendar below

moonrise and moonset are when you are likely to see the moon in the sky, which is helpful for planning outdoor rituals. Knowing when morning and evening twilight begins is helpful in case you need things to be dark outside to see the moon, or light enough to see your tools, for example.

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General principles for using the moon in spells

You make use of the movement of light across the room as seen from Earth to empower your spells. Magic is symbols in actions and the moon is a big one. So when casting a spell to increase something, do it while the light on the moon is also increasing – that is between the new/dark and full moons, called a ‘waxing moon’. When casting a spell to decrease something, do it between the full moon and the dark moon, called a ‘waning moon’. When beginning something new and important and doing ceremony about it, a good time to do that is at the time of the new moon – the day before, of and after the dark of the moon. When doing something that is meant to be an achievement, a harvest, a good result, or even just a party, the day before, after and of the full moon are good days for that.

What if the appropriate lunar day is inconvenient? You can always work with these – you can think of your spell to increase prosperity as one to banish lack of money if you need to do it on a waning moon. If you need to hold your handfasting on a day other than a full moon, then at least hold it on the days between the new moon and the full moon.

If you need to schedule something to suit people’s schedules on a weekend, pick a time when the moon’s visual energy is moving in a direction in harmony with what you are trying to achieve. If you can’t do that, then re-frame what you are doing ceremony for to match, like in the money spell above.

To increase something magically

Schedule your ritual or spell for a date between the new moon and the full moon, when the moon is ‘waxing’. This means that the psychological effect of the moon increasing in strength will support your spell.

Examples of Waxing Moon Spells

To decrease something magically

Shedule your spell or ritual between the full moon and the dark of the moon. If you are trying to reduce something big to a more manageable size, then maybe do a multi-day working, starting soon after the full moon. Then, mid way through on the moon’s journey to dark, recognize to yourself that just as the moon has waned, so has the thing you were trying to reduce. You can use a similar principle for something you wish to grow and the waxing moon.

Examples of Waning Moon Spells

  • A spell to get rid of illness
  • A spell to banish mess (clean your house) – see this is an example of a beauty and order spell flipped on it’s head.
  • A spell to clear a troublesome situation from your life.

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