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How to Tune Your Immune System Against Covid – Why vaccines are your ally.

I have been a Pagan for over 25 years. I meditate, I exercise, I get out in nature and I watch what I eat. I trust my intuition. I believe that small things can have big effects, and that the energy of how we accept something can influence how it works in our lives. Here’s how I tuned my body against Covid.

First step – Support Your Health

This illness affects your whole body, so a strong body is a good response. Did you know that most women were naturally more resilient to covid? It’s true – we are born with the ability to have wider and stronger immune response because most of us have two x chromosomes. Sometimes this is good – as in when we fight off colds, flu and yes, the ‘rona, and sometimes it makes life hard, such as when we get autoimmune problems. I have a very strong immune system – if people close to me get a bad flu, I feel a little tired and maybe get a cough. The downside of that strong immune system is sometimes it works too hard, causing inflammation. So keeping things tuned is perfect. I like to do this by getting good sleep, exercising, meditating, and eating well.

Second step – Tune Your Immune System

Covid-19 is sneaky – it affects your whole body, not just your lungs. We usually get it by breathing it in, and it lives in your nose for a bit, getting settled, before moving into your lungs, nerves and blood.  I’ve been wearing masks to make it harder for this stuff to even get in my nose, but I want to make sure my powerhouse of an immune system is ready for it if it ever does.

An almost magical infusion

What if I told you that there was a carefully prepared infusion that takes a tiny, almost homeopathic piece of Covid’s ‘skin’ and uses it to tone your immune system? What if I told you that this infusion is so powerful that if you’ve already had covid and have any long-term effects, that this infusion would even help your system recover? What if I told you that I have had two treatments with this infusion, and it’s been keeping me healthy, with no side effects, not even a sore arm?

Did you know Kalamazoo, Michigan, where the Pfizer covid vaccine is produced, has over 11 yoga studios alone, for a city of just 76,000 people?

So much of building health is all on how we frame and invite medicine into our bodies.

When I got my covid vaccine, I welcomed it, inviting it to come into my body and tune my energies and immune response to provide a healthy barrier. I promised my body I had this covered – that my system can take this information and make sure that this illness will never get farther than my nose. I had a nice meal, then went home and got a good night sleep. The next day, I could feel my immune system working, just as it does when it is protecting me from the flu that knocks most people out. It was gentle, but noticeable, I had no soreness, just a mild feeling that my body was paying attention, working on building and toning my immune response.

Third Step – Support your immune system through the toning response

Let your immune system do its work, accepting and incorporating the message of the vaccine and toning itself to know and block illness before it takes root.

Not everyone’s immune system is already as strong as mine, but we can support it to do its best job. A willing open attitude and a good night’s rest go a long way. If your immune system needs to respond by rehearsing its response to covid – making you tired, or heating up your body, giving you a headache – that’s okay. Soothe and reassure your body while it rehearses with lots of clean clear water, soothing baths, soothing essential oil blend or whatever you are drawn to that makes you feel healthy and supported. If you have a stronger response, know that your immune system is telling you it needed more energy to clear out what can block your health, and build a strong response. Let your immune system do its work, accepting and incorporating the message of the vaccine and toning itself to know and block illness before it takes root.

Fourth Step – Live your best life

If anything, this pandemic has taught us is to be flexible in our minds as well as our bodies and to enjoy the life we have. Enjoy your new and enriched immune system and keep it tuned and strong.

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