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Repairing Injured energy boundaries

I did a healing with a dear friend on the weekend. We went together to a place where she feels safe, and then grounded and reviewed her chakras together. For the first time, I found energy boundaries that resembled bleeding wounds.

At first we worked through assessing each energy centre, was it open, closed, did it have anything in it? what direction was the cord flowing? Together we noticed which centres needed attention, and and decided if or how to address each. Two in particular, once we ejected the external stale link, appeared to my inner eye / hands to be bruised and bloody. The ‘muscles’ of her energy centre were cramped and inflamed, and I judged that opening or closing it was not going to be possible. So I asked her to relax these centres, and together we performed the energy equivalent of gently washing and bandaging these wounds. This process can be quite emotional. When I viewed the result, it appeared that a soft red healing membrane had covered these centres.

You always have and can restore energy sovereignty

People often feel like their energy boundaries have been invaded by an external force, or that they are at risk to be invaded. This is both correct and incorrect. Our energy centres, like our bodies, are our own sovereign territory, but the actions of others can harm us. However, expelling and repairing such invaders is always within our ability, given the necessary skills. I have never come across an intruding energy that cannot be expelled, even if the person requires help to get the hang of how to do it.

What kind of injury can cause energy centre injuries?

A person who is being bullied or oppressed by multiple people can, over time, develop these kinds of injuries. If a group of people are trying to take your power, you may resist, but the constant forcible intrusion can result in ‘cramps’ and injuries. It is my believe that repairing these injuries on the energetic level can help the person feel more whole, which can help them remove themselves from these abusive environments and respond from wholeness with good boundaries to situations that can harm them. I will be following up with my friend to help her perform ‘wound care’ and prevent and repair further injuries.

It can take time to heal from repeated harm, but I do believe it can be accomplished very effectively on the energy level, which supports and strengthens the healing on other levels.

How do I ‘wash and bandage’ energy centre injuries?

Recognizing where they come from is important. First we investigate, feel how open or closed the energy centre, perceive the damage if any. Then we find a suitable cleansing energy to apply that fits for the person – a cooling breeze to blow through, clean healing water, light or pure energy, and brush that energy in a gentle soothing way across the energy centre. I sometimes apply my hand physically to the centre to help the person feel that their energy centre cannot be reinvaded while we work, and to support their boundaries. Then I sense a nice big square of clean gauze that we apply together over top the injury. Compassion and gentleness are very important, as is reminding the person (or yourself) that you have absolute sovereignty over your energy boundaries and can relax, soothe and close those places gently at will. Sometimes the ‘wound’ will have to be ‘washed and bandaged’ more than once as it heals, but often one cleaning will work.

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Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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