Acceptance and letting go

Accepting all hope of a different past can set you free.

Letting go of stale energy connections, which are any energy sharing connections that aren’t about what is happening between two people or beings live in this moment, is an important way to repair and strengthen your energy boundaries. Having strong, healthy energy boundaries means that in the present moment you can not only bring your entire self and all your power to whatever you are doing, but that it is very hard for inappropriate connections to happen or get established.

Stale connections are like phone calls left open after the conversation is ended. Are you still paying for that data?

I was in my bath last night, with candles lit and cast a circle. Inside that circle I tensed up all of my energy centres, tightening, tightening. This made me more aware of all of the spikes or threads of energy where I was holding on to anything outside myself. And then I relaxed all at once, letting them all go.

I let go all of the unfinished arguments, ex partners, current friends, clients, projects, pets, deceased people, my todo list, my aches and pains, past experiences, recent experiences, everything that was not me, alone in the bath tub. I took what felt like the radical step of letting go of everything, yes every single thing, in my past or present that I was not physically engaging with at that moment. I put my hand over my energy centres as I let go to remind myself not to reattach.

It’s often easier to let it all go, than to let it go individually

I realize letting go is easier said than done at times. There are so many messages out there to ‘let go of the past’, which are loaded with telling you have to feel all sweetness and light about everything.

I don’t mean it in that way. I mean it as a blessing.

You do not have to forgive anyone anything, or change your thoughts about anything in the past, you just need to let all your energetic connection to it drop, recognizing that, good, bad or indifferent, it is not happening right now, and so can be dropped.

If tomorrow you run into your ex or the person you had the argument with, then that live connection that will get created in that moment tomorrow will serve you a lot better than trying to work with a stale one from before. That new connection will have all the information it needs, and will be stronger and more effective for not having any stale connection muddying the waters. You will be able to respond effectively in the present, even when revisiting past information.

You will not lose any information or power that you have not already lost by letting go of these stale connections. All you lose is the energy drain of trying to hold on to it all. All you can gain is having that energy returned to you to use in the present, and a sealing of the sticky or bumpy places in your energy ‘skin’ that make your energy less present, welcoming and resillient. With a bunch of stale connections active, you will have a hard time warding off energy intrustions, and others may also feel you as intrusive and jarring. Letting go of those things can restore you to wholeness on more than one level.

After I did the big bath letting go, I felt much more grounded and present. My vision felt better. I felt relaxed. It was like putting down several bags of groceries, or taking your bra off at the end of the day. I think it would be good for me to do it daily, and I may do that. I recommend you try it too. Let me know how it works out.

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

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