Occupy your self – Thursdays or Saturdays Sep – Nov 2023

The type of energy work I teach has to do with aligning your energies to serve your own wholeness. A healthy energy body enables us to know ourselves fully, occupy our space with power and grace, and connect with others in ways that are good for us and honour others.

In classes, we perform a kind of energy biofeedback to become more aware of our blocks and gain validation for what we are experiencing. Then we learn how to shift our energies, to open, close and leave neutral our energy centres (called chakras by some).

We learn how to disconnect stale connections so we can be open for connections that are present in the moment. In so doing we gather our power in service of our present will. When our energy boundaries are whole and healthy, there is seldom need to shield, and injuries can be tended as needed, restoring wholeness.

I work from a Wiccan, feminist, trauma informed and consent based framework. The work is deep but always within your control. I work with all genders. My grounding is in Wiccan practice, but I aim to be accessible to those with other faiths or none.

Classes and individual coaching sessions are available in the Vancouver area. Cost is Cost may be paid in cash or time-barter.
For more information contact me directly at

This class might be a fit for you if some or all of the following is true:

  • You understand the basics of an energy discipline like reiki, magick, or therapeutic touch
  • You would like to improve your skills in regulating your own energy
  • You would like to learn how to let go of obsessing about people and situations
  • You would like to learn to protect yourself when feeling intruded on or recovering from being intruded upon
  • You would like to learn to mobilize your intuition to maintain your own health
  • You would like to make and maintain healthy connections with others.

Two sessions (pick one)

  • 8 Saturdays 3-5 pm starting September 16th 2023 through Nov 4th
  • 8 Thursday evenings 7-9pm – September 14th through Nov 2nd


Cost is $200 for 8 sessions or 10 hours time-barter by pre-arrangement. If you’d like to check it out before committing, you can come to the first session of each series only for $25.

Pay by etransfer to or contact me (at either email) to pre-approve a barter arrangement.

How does time-barter work?

In the interest of providing fair access to this work, if $200 to pay for classes isn’t in your budget, I’m willing to trade time for time. The total class hours is 16, so I’m willing to barter 16 hours of my time, shared with others, for 10 hours of yours. I’m willing to barter for any service I need and might otherwise pay for – some examples are housework, yard work, sewing or alterations, knitting, bicycle repair, handyperson services, sound engineering, guitar or mandolin lessons or servicing.

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