Witching Whole Editor

Sophia Amazon has been a Wiccan priestess since 1989. She writes on themes of authentic connection with the divine and Wiccan daily practice.

berries with spider webs in fall

Magical self-protection – Cord Clearing

At a virtual meeting of Pagans the other day the topic of magical shielding was mentioned several times as one of the things people found essential to protect their health and well being. In particular people felt that because they were psychically sensitive, that unwanted feelings from others would invade their space. I think some …

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Bonfire by cold mountains and water

Merely Mortal

I am recovering from a broken heart. Yes even priestesses of Aphrodite get them. However, when priestesses of Aphrodite get them, they are also often accompanied by a crisis of faith. I mean, if a priestess who is devoted to Love Herself can’t be happy in love, then what is the point? The lessons I’ve …

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