Energy Boundaries

Occupy your self – Thursdays or Saturdays Sep – Nov 2023

The type of energy work I teach has to do with aligning your energies to serve your own wholeness. A healthy energy body enables us to know ourselves fully, occupy our space with power and grace, and connect with others in ways that are good for us and honour others. In classes, we perform a …

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Repairing Injured energy boundaries

People often feel like their energy boundaries have been invaded by an external force, or that they are at risk to be invaded. This is both correct and incorrect. Our energy centres, like our bodies, are our own sovereign territory, but the actions of others can harm us. However, expelling and repairing such invaders is always within our ability, given the necessary skills. I have never come across an intruding energy that cannot be expelled, even if the person requires help to get the hang of how to do it.

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Magical self-protection – Cord Clearing

At a virtual meeting of Pagans the other day the topic of magical shielding was mentioned several times as one of the things people found essential to protect their health and well being. In particular people felt that because they were psychically sensitive, that unwanted feelings from others would invade their space. I think some …

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