Bonfire by cold mountains and water

Merely Mortal

I am recovering from a broken heart. Yes even priestesses of Aphrodite get them. However, when priestesses of Aphrodite get them, they are also often accompanied by a crisis of faith. I mean, if a priestess who is devoted to Love Herself can’t be happy in love, then what is the point? The lessons I’ve

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Marco Cochrane Truth is Beauty sculpture burning man

The Goddess is always with you

“The Goddess is always with you”, she said. It wasn’t a polite blessing, more a statement of fact. Rosalind had been my best friend and unrequited crush for ten years, and I was leaving town.

She was, and probably still is, a gifted mystic, and was the first person to touch me with energy in her hands. It’s a big part of why I fell in love with her. That larger than the world feeling of love when the energy is flowing with touch is what I think of, what I feel, when I experience love, still.

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Creating a Beltaine Ritual for Lovers

Beltane is a Pagan/Wiccan festival of sexuality and fertility, usually celebrated on the evening of April 30th or May 1st.  When celebrated in a group, the sexuality is usually symbolic, represented by dancing around the May pole – which yes, is representing just what you might think that is meant to represent, and the ribbons

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