Thirty+ Years Leading Ceremony for People of All Faiths and None

Ceremony and Ritual Enriches Our Lives

There are many ways to do ceremony and as many purposes for ceremony and ritual as there are people.

I have been a Wiccan priestess since 1989. During that whole time I have created ceremony with and for others, mostly others who are not Wiccan. That’s just fine with me.

I have done clearing ceremonies in houses after a domestic abuser has left, I  led a menarche (first blood) ceremony for a woman in her 40s who had not had her womanhood recognized positively before, I created a ceremony for a woman who wanted to be honoured for breast-feeding her twins for 18 months, I created a sharing ritual with and for a group of women at the request of a woman who wanted to accept her body more fully. I have facilitated divorce ceremonies, and handfasting ceremonies. I facilitated a family blessing, led by the Catholic adult children for their parents 40 year marriage that was going through a rough place, and helped bring it back to wholeness.

Love Spells and Ceremonies of Clearing in Preparation for Love

As a priestess of a Goddess of Love, I have facilitated more love spells than I can count, and seen the relationships that result. I have helped people envision and manifest new jobs, new homes, and new lives. I can lead bonding ceremonies for pairings and groupings of adults who wish to commit to one another. The Wiccan faith is accepting of same-sex and multi-partner relationships as well as opposite sex pairings, so I can help with polyamorous wedding ceremonies and consensual adult bondings of all kinds.

Dogma Free Ceremony

I can help you create a ceremony that fits you, your values, what you hold sacred, what you are trying to create, bless, clear, bond or banish. It’s not about me, and it doesn’t even need to be Wiccan. Many of us have a deep need for ceremony, but sometimes need help getting started, or need someone to lead ceremonies involving groups. I have 30 years of experience with both the practical and mystical aspects of ritual and ceremony and am delighted to help.

I have led ceremonies of all kinds for secular and sacred groups, and am careful to leave room for people to have their own beliefs or non-beliefs. I can also lead traditional Wiccan ritual of course. I have led ceremony with and for people of many faiths, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan and Pagan people, along with agnostic and atheist people, in ways that respects and strengthens their connection with the Divine or the sacred.

Payment and Energy Exchange

While I have often priestessed and facilitated as part of the energy exchange that comes from friendship and community, for members of the community outside the first circle of my heart, I do charge for my time and help. I am not supported financially by a congregation or other religious body. Contact me free of charge about what your needs for ceremony are, and we can work out an exchange that fits and is affordable and fair.

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