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Wholeness is achieved through many avenues – emotional expression and regulation, spiritual connection and boundaries, body growth and maintenance, mental conception and understanding. Working with energy, both in the performance of prayer and magic, in connection with the divine and with connection to the mysteries of our own bodies and those of others can also bring wholeness. We can experience our bodies in wholeness, and experience wholeness in healthy connections and boundaries with others.

The type of energy work I teach has to do with aligning your energies to serve your own wholeness. A healthy energy body enables us to know ourselves fully, occupy our space with power and grace, and connect with others in ways that are good for us and honour others.

In classes, we perform a kind of energy biofeedback to become more aware of our blocks and gain validation for what we are experiencing. Then we learn how to shift our energies, to open, close and leave neutral our energy centres (called chakras by some). We learn how to disconnect stale connections so we can be open for connections that are present in the moment. In so doing we gather our power in service of our present will. When our energy boundaries are whole and healthy, there is seldom need to shield, and injuries can be tended as needed, restoring wholeness.

I work from a Wiccan, feminist, trauma informed and consent based framework. The work is deep but always within your control. I work with all genders. My grounding is in Wiccan practice, but I aim to be accessible to those with other faiths or none.

Classes and individual coaching sessions are available in the Vancouver area.

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My qualifications as an energy educator – I bring three streams of learning into this practice: 20+ years training and facilitation experience, a 2 year graduate diploma in art psychotherapy, including a research thesis on Spiritual Resource Imagery and Meaning Making in the art of trauma survivors, which was selected for presentation at a national academic conference, and 3o years serving my community as a Wiccan clergy person.

Occupy your self - Thursdays or Saturdays Sep - Nov 2023

Occupy your self – Thursdays or Saturdays Sep – Nov 2023

The type of energy work I teach has to do with aligning your energies to serve your own wholeness. A ...
Acceptance and letting go

Acceptance and letting go

Accepting all hope of a different past can set you free. Letting go of stale energy connections, which are any ...
Basic Energy Sensing - Petting a cat exercise

Basic Energy Sensing – Petting a cat exercise

This video shows a simple beginner exercise for practicing sensing your own and other's energy boundaries and interacting helpfully ...
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Repairing Injured energy boundaries

People often feel like their energy boundaries have been invaded by an external force, or that they are at risk to be invaded. This is both correct and incorrect. Our energy centres, like our bodies, are our own sovereign territory, but the actions of others can harm us. However, expelling and repairing such invaders is always within our ability, given the necessary skills. I have never come across an intruding energy that cannot be expelled, even if the person requires help to get the hang of how to do it ...
Energy boundaries and connections class

Energy boundaries and connections class

In this workshop we will learn and practice advanced techniques for shaping and repairing personal energy boundaries and in making and maintaining healthy consensual connections with others. ...
berries with spider webs in fall

Magical self-protection – Cord Clearing

At a virtual meeting of Pagans the other day the topic of magical shielding was mentioned several times as one ...

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